DisruPep is a spin-off of the Cajal Institute in Madrid (CSIC) within the laboratory of molecular neuroscience

Sharing facilities from the Laboratory of Molecular Bases of Memory and Neurodegeneration, within the Cajal Institute (CSIC), Directed by Dr. Mariano Carrión, founding partner. In our group we have basic infrastructure such as a general laboratory, personnel, and resources.

Following we list our most relevant capacities and methodology:

Our multidisciplinary approach includes, on the one hand, «classical» techniques such as genetic engineering, protein engineering, structural biology, computer simulations (molecular dynamics), traditional biochemistry, enzymology, cell culture and animal experimentation (transgenic Drosophila and mouse models).

On the other hand, the most distinctive methodology that we use in our laboratory can be called «single-molecule biochemistry», since its objective is the study of the function of biomolecules, and in particular of proteins, one molecule at a time. This approach allows us to analyze, with nanoscopic resolution, the dynamics of protein molecules in real time and under physiological conditions. In particular, the specific technique we use is atomic force microscopy (AFM), in its two modalities: single-molecule force spectroscopy and imaging. This technique allows for nanomanipulation, nanomechanical analysis, and «mechanical visualization» of individual protein molecules.

Our long-term goal is to extend this methodology to study the nanomechanics of proteins within cells and living organisms; To that end, we plan to develop molecular force sensors that allow the measurement of mechanical forces in vivo for the specific proteins of interest.

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Our Vision

Innovate in mental health and the great health challenges of the 21th century!

Our Mission

Avoiding traumatic events that occur to people to condition their future life´s, as well as degenerative diseases such as ALS or Parkinson's.

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Company with Technological Base (EBT), Spin-Off from CSIC

Dr. Mariano Carrión Vázquez


Dr. Ismael San Mauro Martín


Marek Chauncey


Laboratory of " Molecular Bases of Memory and Neurodegeneration”

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Dr. Mariano Carrión Vázquez
Dr. Ismael San Mauro Martín

Main office and lab - Instituto Cajal (CSIC)

Avenida del Dr. Arce, 37, 28002 Madrid

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